Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plant a Seed of Friendship; Reap a Bouquet of Happiness

When you fail to see the beauty within yourself let a friend take a photo of you. They capture the truth, the loyalty, the silliness, and the love of a real beautiful friendship. In the moments in between a gut bursting laugh or sarcastic banter...there is always beauty. A friend knows that exact moment, the one when a little ray of sunshine catches your eye, or right in the midst of a giggle when your eyelashes flutter and your smile is...stunning. So, the next time you are feeling crummy grab a camera, hand it to your best friend, and snap away. The results are breath taking!

Right now, you and me here, put together entirely of atoms,
Sitting on this round rock with a core of liquid iron held down by gravity,
all the while spinning around the sun at 67 thousand miles an hour,
and whizzing through the Milky Way at 600 thousand miles an hour,
in a universe that may very well be chasing its own tail at the speed of light,
and amidst all this frantic activity,
fully aware of our own imminent demise,
We reach out to one another,
sometimes for the sake of vanity,
sometimes for reasons you are not old enough to understand yet,
but a lot of the time we reach out and expect nothing in return.
Isn't that strange?
Isn't that weird?
Isn't that weird enough...

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